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Common problems of radar level transmitter
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Common problems of radar level transmitter

Radar level transmitter are mainly installed in various metal and non-metal containers or pipelines to perform non-contact continuous measurement of the level of liquids, slurries and particles. It is also suitable for occasions with dust, inert gas and steam.


The radar level transmitter has the characteristics of safety, cleanliness, high precision, long life, stable and reliable, convenient installation and maintenance, and simple reading. Because there are no moving parts, maintenance is minimal, but some minor faults will inevitably occur during use. Here is a breakdown analysis and countermeasures for everyone.

1. If an alarm occurs when the liquid level is within the applicable range, then:

a. When the liquid level drops below the safe distance, the alarm will disappear immediately;

b. This alarm appears when the initial debugging tank is completely empty, which can be eliminated by interference suppression.

2. When there is interference echo in the container, then it should:

aCheck whether the level gauge is installed correctly and eliminate installation interference;

bCan be ruled out by fixed target suppression.

3If the output current is always 4mA and there is no false alarm, then check whether the output is 0.

4If the meter head is clogged and the tank is full at the same time, then the parameter settings should be compared. If the parameters are determined to be correct, it can be solved by doing an empty tank spectrum.

When measuring, the measurement range starts from the point where the beam touches the tank low, but under special circumstances, if the tank low is concave or tapered, measurement cannot be performed when the level is lower than this point.

At present, our radar level transmitter series products include:

1. Guided wave radar level transmitter

2. 26Ghz non-contact radar level transmitter

3. 80Ghz FMCW Radar level transmitter

4. 120Ghz FMCW Radar level meter

Any inquiry of radar level transmitter, welcome to contact me at any time.



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