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Application of 80Ghz frequency modulated radar level transmitter in desulfurization process in coal coking industry
Views:   ·  source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. ·  author:西安德创电气科技有限公司 ·  Release date:2020-12-10 15:13:53

Application of 80Ghz frequency modulated radar level transmitter in desulfurization process in coal coking industry


The meaning of desulfurization process

The crude gas from the cold drum section enters the lower part of the desulfurization tower and is washed by countercurrent contact with the desulfurization liquid sprayed from the top of the tower. The H2S content in the gas is less than 0.2g/Nm3. The gas is sent to the ammonium sulfate section after removing the droplets through the mist trap section.

The desulfurization liquid that has absorbed H2S and HCN from the desulfurization tower is sent to the solution circulation tank, and is pumped to the lower part of the regeneration tower with the compressed air from the air compressor station by the solution circulation pump for co-current regeneration, and the regenerated desulfurization liquid returns to the top of the desulfurization tower to circulate spray Leaching desulfurization. The sulfur foam is discharged from the enlarged part of the top of the regeneration tower to the sulfur foam tank, and then sent to the continuous sulfur melting tank after being pressurized by the sulfur foam pump.


Our 80GHz frequency modulated radar level transmitter is especially suitable for high temperature, high pressure or high dust, and many agitated spaces. It meets many measurement requirements that require a large range and high precision.


Compared with 26G radar level transmitter or 6.8Ghz radar level transmitter, 80Ghz fmcw radar level transmitter has higher frequency, shorter wavelength, smaller beam angle and more energy concentrated characteristics; coupled with the application of FMCW technology, it has the following characteristics

1.Large range, small blind area;

2.The beam angle is small, the antenna size is small, and it is easy to install. Less affected by tank connection size and obstacles;

3.The measurement accuracy is high, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the reliability is high.


Technical parameter  

Transmit frequency80GHz

Measuring range0.130/120m

Measurement accuracy<±2mm

Launch angle3°;

Power supply rangeDC24V±10

Signal output420mA OR RS-485

Cable entryM20x1.5

Protection gradeIP67

Explosion-proof gradeExiaCT6GaExdiaCT6Gb

Installation methodG1&#189;A thread, G3A thread or flange mounting

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