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Instrument knowledge|The launch angle of 26GHz high frequency radar level transmitter
Views:   ·  source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. ·  author:西安德创电气科技有限公司 ·  Release date:2020-08-04 10:40:10

Instrument knowledge|The launch angle of 26GHz high frequency radar level transmitter

Radar level transmitter, the pulse wave emitted during measurement can pass through the vacuum without transmission medium, and is not affected by the atmosphere, steam, and volatile media. At the same time, the pulse wave has high frequency and strong penetrating ability, even if the height of the solid silo is large. , With small diameter and strong dust, the radar level meter can also provide continuous, reliable and stable measurement results.

Among them, the DCRD1000A series sensor is a 26G high frequency radar type level measuring instrument, which has the following measurement characteristics:


1. High frequency, it has obvious advantages to measure solid and low dielectric constant medium;

2. Non-contact radar, no wear and no pollution;

3. Small antenna size, easy to install;

4. Shorter wavelength, better reflection on inclined solid surface;

5. The measurement blind zone is smaller, and good results can be obtained for small tank measurement;

6. The beam angle is small and the energy is concentrated, which not only enhances the echo ability, but also helps avoid interference;

7. Hardly affected by corrosive foam;

8. High signal-to-noise ratio, better performance even in fluctuating conditions;

9. Almost unaffected by water vapor, temperature and pressure changes in the atmosphere;

10. Severe dust environment will not affect electromagnetic wave work.


Each of this series of products has antennas of different sizes. The antenna size is different, and the beam angle of the radar level transmitter is also different. Let us take a look at the launch angle of the DCRD1000A series.








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