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Tank side level monitoring from radar level transmitter factory
Views:   ·  source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. ·  author:西安德创电气科技有限公司 ·  Release date:2020-07-30 11:38:44

Tank side level monitoring from radar level transmitter factory


The DCRD1000D series tank side display (pointer) indicator is a digital display instrument for process variables. No separate power supply is needed, and it is connected in series in the loop of local instrumentation and control (DCS, PLC or control terminal). It is used to receive the 4-20mA current signal and accurately display the data corresponding to the tested loop, which is convenient for checking the value of the liquid level and material level height on site. High-definition outdoor red LED display, can also display current, percentage, etc., and output with 4-20mA current signal.


The series of tank level montioring adopts compact structure design, easy to install and debug; it can be used in two-wire loop or four-wire loop. The ultra-low power consumption design of internal circuit greatly reduces the heat dissipation of components when the instrument is working. The resulting temperature drift improves the long-term reliability and stability of the product, and extends the service life; the range is adjustable, which increases the measurement accuracy of the instrument; the ambient temperature range -40~+80can ensure that the instrument is in a harsh environment normal work.


DCRD1000D Tank side level monitoring technical parameters

Application: Storage tank side objects) liquid level display/indication, signal remote transmission, process vessel on-site objects) liquid level display, signal remote transmission upper and lower limit alarm output.

Range: adjustable

Display accuracy: 0.1%

Signal input: 4~20mA

Power supply: DC24V

Power consumption: <2.5W

Loop voltage drop: <3V

Response time: 30mS

Process temperature: -40~85

Temperature drift: 0.01%

Signal output: 4~20mA

Explosion-proof grade: Exd II CT6 Gb

Protection level: IP67

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