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Introduction of DCFL3000A electromagnetic flow meter
Views:   ·  source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. ·  author:admin ·  Release date:2020-06-24 15:46:27

Introduction of  DCFL3000A electromagnetic flow meter 

The DCFL3000A electromagnetic flow meter is an efficient and highly reliable intelligent electromagnetic flow meter. It adopts mature flow measurement technology and can provide first-class process flow measurement performance. It has the characteristics of effective work, safe installation, easy to operation and maintenance, and other advantages.

Using mature technology, applying high-quality materials, breaking through technical difficulties, improving product performance indicators, the maximum measurement caliber range can reach DN2200, which can provide customers with safe and reliable solutions.

1. High reliability: the use of advanced measurement technology, high reliability structure, continuous long.

2. High quasi-accuracy: accuracy level 0.5, higher can reach 0.2

3. Easy operation and maintenance: with self-diagnosis function, lightweight and easy installation

4. Using dot matrix LCD display, with Chinese menu, easy to use, simple operation, easy to learn and understand

5. High signal-to-noise ratio, strong anti-interference ability, capable of measuring low-electric-rate liquids to cope with different complex working conditions

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