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Aging test in the production process of radar level gauge
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Aging test in the production process of radar level gauge


With the rapid development of electronic products, the requirements of electronic products in terms of integration performance and technology are becoming higher and higher, and the requirements for the quality of electronic products and testing methods are becoming more and more strict.



As the most advanced process instrument in the industry, radar level gauge is widely used in various fields. In order to ensure that it can be used normally in different environmental climates, it will not affect the normal use of products due to different environmental climates and cause abnormal quality. Our company has conducted very strict aging tests for each radar level gauge to ensure the quality.


Today let us reveal how many times a radar level gauge needs to be inspected during the production process.


First, High and low temperature aging test for the electronic circuit boards


In terms of equipment, the HYQ-TH-225DH constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to conduct high and low temperature aging tests on electronic circuit boards. We make real-time monitoring of products during the aging process through self-made working devices and external display screens.

The aging test requires that each electronic chip needs to be subjected to high and low temperature aging tests. Energize the whole process during aging, with a temperature range of -40 to + 80 as one cycle, a total of three cycles. During the aging process, power on and off from time to time to check the product performance indicators.

Second, The Electronic unit of radar level transmitter aging for 72hours

After the high and low temperature aging test, then enters the second step of aging---72 hours of normal temperature aging of the electronic unit.


The Last, Aging test of the whole radar level sensor

Xi'an Dechuang is responsible for each radar level sensor. After the assembly of each radar level transmitter, it will conduct a 72-hour normal temperature aging test again. To ensure the reliability of its measurement.


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