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Instrument knowledge | Radar level Measurements are used in different storage tanks( silos)
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Instrument knowledge | Radar level Measurements are used in different storage tanks ( silos)

Storage tanks are used to store refined chemicals such as acid, alkali, alcohol, gas, and liquid. Due to the different storage media, the forms of storage tanks are also diverse. Let's take a look at the classification of storage tanks ( silos).


Sort by location

Classified by location: can be divided into aboveground storage tanks( silos), underground storage tanks( silos), semi-underground storage tanks( silos), offshore storage tanks( silos), subsea storage tanks, etc.


Classification by oil

Classified by oil: it can be divided into crude oil storage tanks, fuel storage tanks, lubricating oil tanks, edible oil tanks, fire water tanks, etc.


Classified by purpose

Classified by purpose: can be divided into raw material tanks, intermediate product tanks, finished product tanks, waste tanks, etc.


Classified by form

Classified by form: can be divided into vertical storage tanks, horizontal storage tanks, spherical storage tanks, hyperbolic storage tanks (drop-shaped storage tanks), catenary storage tanks (non-torque storage tanks), etc.


Classified by capacity

Classified by capacity: large storage tanks above 100m3, mostly vertical storage tanks; small storage tanks below 100m3, mostly horizontal storage tanks.


Other categories

Classified by temperature: low temperature storage tank, normal temperature storage tank, high temperature storage tank

Classified by pressure: low pressure storage tank, normal pressure storage tank, high pressure storage tank

Classified by tank material: polyethylene tank, polypropylene tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic tank, ceramic tank, rubber tank, stainless steel tank, etc.


Different tank forms correspond to different antenna forms and launch angles. In actual projects, the selection of the radar level meter must consider the form and internal structure of the storage tank, so that the most suitable radar level measurement can be selected.

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