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Application of Radar Level Gauge in Ethylene Industry
Views:   ·  source:Xi’an Dechuang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. ·  author:admin ·  Release date:2020-10-15 17:14:31

Application of Radar Level Gauge in Ethylene Industry


The ethylene industry is the core of the petrochemical industry, and ethylene products account for more than 75% of petrochemical products. In terms of organic synthesis, it is used to synthesize a variety of basic organic synthesis raw materials such as ethanol, ethylene oxide, ethylene glycol, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, propionaldehyde, propionic acid and its derivatives. After halogenation, it can produce chloroethylene, Chloroethane and bromoethane can produce α-olefins through oligomerization, and then produce higher alcohols and alkylbenzenes. In terms of synthetic materials, it is widely used in the production of polyethylene, vinyl chloride and polyvinyl chloride, ethylbenzene, styrene and polystyrene, and ethylene propylene rubber.


As a leading manufacturer of Radar Level gauge, continuous level measurements of liquids and solids, the products line as below:

1. Guided wave Radar Level gauge

2. 26Ghz Pulse non-contact type radar level gauge

3. 80Ghz FMCW Radar level gauge.

4. 120Ghz FMCW Radar level gauge

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