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DCRD1000B1 120Ghz FMCW Radar level transmitter with small beam angle for 150m foam liquid level measurments
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Product Profile

The 120GHz FMCW Radar level transmitter using 10GHz sweep bandwidth, it is been calculated by FPGA chip hardware can achieve the Fast Fourier Transform. The company’s engineer & technical personnel creatively applied diffraction wave separation and spectrum refinement algorithm technique to reach the measurement accuracy up to 0.217mm (Theoretical value) within 50 meters range, and in the static air vertical reflection surface test, the distance-resolution is 8mm.

The product DCRD1000B just need 80ms to finished the distance measurement & calculation process for 100m ranges. This allows the system to have more time and resources to deal with various kinds of things on level application of the instrument, such as: echo signal probability assessment / level prediction / level reliability analysis / input&output/ communication, etc.

DCRD1000B using PTFE lens antenna with hermetic potting design, there is a perfect solution which resolved the antenna near field radiation suppression issues, that makes it has a good directional performance and less 1 degrees beam angle (the mass product manufacturing process differences, may be biased ±0.3 degrees).

Application Features

120GHz FMCW radar level transmitter, especially be used in the high temperature & pressure,  strong dust & multiple mixing environment, it can satisfy many applications for a large range measurement with high-precision requirements.

The product DCRD1000B has an electromagnetic characteristic of the terahertz band, which makes it have advantage that other radar level products haven’t, such as its ability to penetrate non-polar materials( ray properties), in an industrial environment where strong adhesion and strong dust, it has ideal measurement stability and environmental resistance to dry torsion, and does not require any purge equipment. This product also has a very small antenna beam angle and strong self-adaptive automatic gain function, it don’t need to use the aiming configuration in most cases. This product’s application installation conditions are simple and economical, debugging is also efficient.

The main advantages:

1. Not be affected by atmospheric precipitation;

2. The ambient temperature is -60°C;

3. Being Installed on the outside of tank;

4. The antenna inside of the level transmitter is protected by fluoroplastic lens heating;

5. The measuring radiation is narrow, easy to install and measurement sensibility;

6. The accuracy of the level measurement can't be limited by the temperature of tank;

7. Evaporation and dust will not affect the measurement;

8. Boiling liquid level measurement;

9. Corrosive liquid level measurement, non-contact, non-corrosion, stable measure

Technical Parameters

Frequency range: 120GHz~130GHz, Frequency modulation sweep frequency width: 10GHz;

Measuring range: 0.1-50/100/150m;

Measurement resolution: 0.008m;

Accuracy: <±1mm;

Launch Angle: 1°(With lens radome);

Dielectric constant range: 1.0100, Medium viscosity <1000cp;

Power supply: 9.0~42.0VDC(<5W) four wire or 110-250VAC, 50Hz/60Hz<6W;

Signal output: 4~20mA (with HART/MODBUS/PROFIBUS*bus) or RS-485;

Site operation/programming: 2.6”inch Color screen / 4 key configurable;

Process temperature/humidity: -60~200℃≤95%RH; -60~1000℃(With antenna heat pipe/quartz isolation flange);

Housing material: Aluminium alloys single chamber or double chamber(220VAC Only with double chamber);

Antenna type: Lens antenna, PTFE/PEEK/PE, can choose Lens antenna guard/Anti-corrosive antenna/Antenna heat pipe/Quartz isolation flange;

Process pressure: -1~5MPa;  -1~32MPa(With quartz isolation flange);

Cable inlet: M20x1.5;

Recommend the cables: AWG18 or 0.75mm2;

Protection grade: IP67;

Explosive-proof grade: ExiaⅡCT6Ga, ExdiaⅡCT6Gb;

Installation type: M56x2 screw thread or DN50 flange;

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