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DCRD1000B6 Non-contact 80Ghz FMCW radar Level transmitter for food grade tank liquid level gauge
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DCRD1000B6 Non-contact 80Ghz FMCW radar Level transmitter for food grade tank liquid level gauge

The 80GHz frequency modulation radar level gauge is especially suitable for high temperature, high pressure or high dust, and multiple mixing spaces. It meets many measurement requirements that require a large range and high precision.

The working frequency of DCRD1000B product has electromagnetic characteristics in the terahertz band, which makes it have characteristics that other measurement radar products do not have. For example, it has the ability to penetrate non-polar materials (like ray properties), and it has strong adhesion In the dusty industrial environment, it has ideal measurement stability and environmental resistance to interference, and does not require any blowing device. This product also has a very small antenna beam angle and a strong adaptive automatic gain function, in most cases it does not need to use the sight configuration. This makes the installation requirements of this product in the field very simple and economical, and the commissioning is also fast.

Main advantage

Compared with 26G or 6G radar, 80G radar has higher frequency, shorter wavelength, smaller beam angle and more energy concentrated characteristics; coupled with the application of FMCW technology, it has the following characteristics

1.Large range, small blind area;

2.The beam angle is small, the antenna size is small, and it is easy to install. Less affected by tank connection size and obstacles;

3.The measurement accuracy is high, the anti-interference ability is strong, and the reliability is high.

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