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80GHz radar level transmitter was successfully applied to the measurement of hydrofluoric acid liquid
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80GHz radar level transmitter was successfully applied to the measurement of hydrofluoric acid liquid

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are many stirring and mixing tanks, stirring reaction kettles, etc., which often have high temperature, strong steam, liquid level fluctuations and thick foam, which cause great trouble to liquid level measurement. With its excellent performance, our 80GHz FM radar can effectively overcome the complex working conditions of stirring vessels, achieve reliable measurement, contribute to the automation of production in the pharmaceutical industry, and effectively ensure the safe operation of production.


01Acid liquid measurement

(1) Measuring medium: acidic liquid

(2) Difficulties in measurement: foam, volatility, water vapor

(3) Selected product: DCRD1000B4 FMCW radar level transmitter


02 Hydrofluoric acid measurement

(1) Measuring medium: hydrofluoric acid

(2) Measurement difficulty: strong corrosiveness

(3) Selected product: DCRD1000B4 FMCW Radar level transmitter


Even under complex working conditions, accurate and reliable liquid level measurement can be achieved to ensure safe production; the blind area measurement is small, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the container and reduces the cost of manual maintenance. It provides more convenient services for intelligent production.




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