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80Ghz radar liquid level gauge is used in the working condition of measuring desulfurization waste liquid
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80Ghz radar liquid level transmitter is used in the working condition of measuring desulfurization waste liquid


Desulfurization waste liquid

In the process of desulfurization of waste gas, in order to avoid the accumulation of side reaction salts in the desulfurization waste liquid and affect the desulfurization efficiency, a small amount of waste liquid will be discharged. The previous measure was to send all the desulfurization waste liquid produced into the coal blending system. This method will cause a series of environmental problems, especially in the rainy season in the north, the coal absorption capacity is poor, resulting in serious liquid accumulation in the coal yard, which will cause certain damage to the environment. degree of pollution. Therefore, the current coking plant will process the desulfurization liquid multiple times and reuse it to reduce the impact on the environment.


Technical parameters of Non-contact radar level transmitter:

1)Transmitting frequency: 80GHZ

2)Medium: Sulfur foam/Desulfurization waste liquid

3)Range: 0-3.05 meters;

4)Power supply range: DC24V±10;

5)Signal output: 4-20mA

6)Sealing/Process Temperature:


7)Cable entry: M20*1.5;

8)Process connection/material: flange mounting


The frequency modulation radar level trasnmitter of Xi'an Dechuang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied to a coking plant in Inner Mongolia. The main measurement site is acidic liquid, which is corrosive. So we choose 80G corrosion-resistant radar level transmitter to measure the liquid level of the on-site storage tank. Real-time detection, stable signal, high precision and good measurement effect, provide convenience for the production process, greatly improve the production efficiency, and have been recognized by customers. We will continue to provide customers with better products and services.

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