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Application case丨120GHz FMCW radar level meter was successfully applied in calcium carbide workshop
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Application case丨120GHz FMCW radar level meter was successfully applied in calcium carbide workshop

Calcium carbide, commonly known as calcium carbide, is an inorganic compound, white crystals, industrial products are gray-black lumps, and the section is purple or gray. When it encounters water, it reacts violently immediately to generate acetylene (commonly known as wind coal and calcium carbide gas) and release heat. Calcium carbide is an important basic chemical raw material, mainly used to generate acetylene gas. Also used in organic synthesis, oxyacetylene welding, etc.

Our DCRD1000B series, 120GHz FMCW radar level meter, high frequency, small emission angle, especially suitable for high temperature and high pressure reactors, strong dust, steam, foam fluctuations, with stirring and heating rods and other special process storage tanks, it satisfies many Measurement requirements that require a large range and high precision.


Field conditions and parameters

Medium: calcium carbide, solid block (with dust);

Range: 0—10m;

Explosion-proof type: explosion-proof type;

Process connection/material: DN80 PN16 flange/stainless steel 304;

Output type: (4-20) mA/24V DC/HART four-wire system;

Product model: DCRD1000B2

Working condition description:

The company's measurement conditions are relatively complex, the dust is large, and the measurement environment is harsh. The discharge needs to be controlled by throttling to prevent the material level from being too low and causing potential safety hazards. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out accurate measurement of the material level in the warehouse, and carry out accurate measurement with the actual process chain control on site.

Measurement results and analysis

After on-site use and testing, our 120G FMCW radar level meter was successfully applied to the calcium carbide furnace, and the actual measurement signal was good, showing the reliability and stability of the instrument under complex working conditions, ensuring the normal operation of the plant area, reaching The user is satisfied with the measurement effect.

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