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The 26Ghz non-contact high frequency radar level gauge was successfully applied to a chemical company in Inner Mongolia.
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The 26Ghz non-contact high frequency radar level gauge was successfully applied to a chemical company in Inner Mongolia


The end-user mainly produces pesticides and fluorine series fine chemicals, our radar level sensor mainly to measures the level of corrosive liquids,such as sulfuric acid and nitric acid liquid.

Sulfuric acid (chemical formula: H₂SO₄), the most important oxo acid of sulfur. Anhydrous sulfuric acid is a colorless oily liquid, which crystallizes at 10.36°C. Usually, various aqueous solutions of different concentrations are used, which are prepared by tower method and contact method. The former obtains crude dilute sulfuric acid with a mass fraction of about 75%; the latter obtains pure concentrated sulfuric acid with a mass fraction of 98.3%, the boiling point is 338°C, and the relative density is 1.84.

Sulfuric acid is one of the most active binary inorganic strong acids, which can react with many metals. High-concentration sulfuric acid has strong water absorption and can be used as a dehydrating agent to carbonize carbohydrate-containing substances such as wood, paper, cotton and linen fabrics and biological skin. It also releases a lot of heat when mixed with water. It is highly corrosive and oxidizing, so it should be used with caution. It is an important industrial raw material and can be used in the manufacture of fertilizers, medicines, explosives, pigments, detergents, batteries, etc. It is also widely used in the purification of petroleum, metal smelting and dyestuff industries. It is often used as a chemical reagent, and can be used as a dehydrating agent and a sulfonating agent in organic synthesis. Colorless viscous liquid, strong corrosive, pungent odor, easily soluble in water to generate dilute sulfuric acid.

Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing and corrosive acid. Chemical formula: HNO3. Melting point: -42℃, boiling point: 78℃, easily soluble in water, pure nitric acid solution is colorless and transparent at room temperature.

According to the characteristics of the clients project requirments , we selected  corrosion-resistant model of  DCRD1000A2 26Ghz radar level gauge.

Specific technical parameters of 26Ghz radar level sensor
Application: corrosive liquid

Measuring range: 30 meters

Process connection: thread, flange

Medium temperature: -40100

Process pressure: normal pressure

Accuracy: ±3mm

Frequency range: 26GHz

Explosion-proof grade: Exia CT6 Ga, Exd ia CT6 Gb

Protection class: IP67

Signal output: 4...20mA/HART (two-wire/four-wire)

Our technical engineers offer the level soultions, besides and rush to the customer site for product installation and commissioning as soon as possible according to customer requirements, and power-on tests one by one.

Do the preparatory work before the customer starts the operation. Guarantee the smooth overall operation of the customer. Technical and careful installation services and on-site technical guidance have been unanimously recognized by instrumentation specialists.

We also thank our customers for their support of our work, and we will continue to provide customers with better product use and service experience.



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