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DCRD1000B5 FMCW radar level meter was successfully applied to a large coal chemical company
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DCRD1000B5 FMCW radar level meter was successfully applied to a large coal chemical company

In the coal industry, production needs to go through such links as raw coal bunker, pulverized coal bunker, coal gangue storage level, coal washing pool, etc. Most of them are solid materials, and there is strong dust in the environment. The measured dielectric constant is low dielectric constant and has a range of farther. Faced with such working conditions, the type of radar level meter should be based on the frequency-modulated continuous wave radar level gauge.

Our DCRD1000B4-B6 series products support four-wire and two-wire applications. The maximum range of the product can reach 120m, and the blind zone can reach 10 cm. Because of its higher operating frequency and shorter wavelength, it is especially suitable for solid-state applications. The working method of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves through a lens has unique advantages in high dust and harsh temperature environments (-40~200°C).


Field conditions and parameters

Medium: coal bunker

Range: 015m

Explosion-proof type: intrinsically safe

Process Connection/Material: DN150 PN16/Stainless Steel 304

Output type: (4-20) mA/24V DC/HART two-wire system

Product model: DCRD1000B5


Working condition description:

The site is a pulverized coal solid silo with a height of about 15 meters. The visibility in the silo is basically 0. During the feeding process, the fine pulverized coal particles generate very large dust. When the radar signal hits the dust, the signal is easily reflected. The measurement produces large disturbances. The imported instrument used on site also has abnormality in measurement. After the communication between our technicians and the field instrument specialists, we decided to use Detron 80G FMCW radar level meter


Measurement results and analysis

Our company's 80G FM continuous wave radar level meter successfully replaced imported products. This product is not affected by environmental factors such as vacuum, dust, steam, pressure and temperature changes, and effectively solves the problem that the formation of stack angle of solid powder affects the measurement. It has also been unanimously recognized by the field instrumentation experts. We will also continue to innovate, serve various complex working conditions, solve customer problems and reduce production costs


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