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120GHz FMCW radar level meter was successfully applied to grease project
Views:   ·  Release date:2021-08-24 10:45:06

Our 120GHz frequency modulated radar level meter has been successfully applied to the oil project. The project mainly produces edible vegetable oil, sprayed corn germ meal, corn germ meal, corn germ cake, vegetable meal, vegetable cake, corn gluten meal, corn gluten feed, and corn For products such as meal, the 120GHz frequency modulation radar level gauge is used to measure the level of medium such as vegetable oil and corn steep liquor in the tank area of the project.

On-site working conditions and parameters

Medium: vegetable oil, corn steep liquor
Range: 0-20m
Explosion-proof type: flameproof type
Operating temperature: 50—70°C
Operating pressure: slight negative pressure
Output type: (4-20) mA/24V DC/HART four-wire system
Product model: DCRD1000B1

Working condition description: The storage tank in the tank area is as high as 20m. Due to the high temperature of the material, accompanied by water vapor, and the climatic factors in the northeast, the temperature difference is large, and it is easy to form water vapor to interfere with the radar measurement.

Measurement results and analysis

        The 120GHz FM radar level meter adopts PTFE lens antenna. The antenna is small in size and high in smoothness. Materials or water vapor are not easy to adhere. Even if water vapor condenses on the antenna, it will not affect the measurement. It has strong focus penetration and stability. It can reflect the measurement effect on the radar echo curve, accurately measure the level of the tank area and transmit the data to the upper computer for display.

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