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Successful case | Guided wave radar level meter applied to the level measurement of sodium carbonate solution in the evaporator
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Successful case | Guided wave radar level meter applied to the level measurement of sodium carbonate solution in the evaporator


Sodium carbonate solution, the chemical name is sodium carbonate decahydrate; washing alkali; crystal alkali; lime alkali; used as an analytical reagent, such as a reference reagent, decomposition sample solvent, precipitant, buffer, and sample volatilization aid in emission spectrum analysis. Preparation of sodium salt, soda glass and film printing and washing, carbonate precipitation agent, etc.



Guided wave radar level meter, measuring liquid level and material level, contact measurement, strong anti-interference ability, can overcome the influence of steam and foam on the measurement, the highest measurement temperature can reach 250 .



Part1: Instrument parameters and site conditions

Specific working conditions parameters:

Model: DCRD1000C1 Guided wave radar level meter cable type

Medium: Sodium carbonate solution

Range: Cable length 7000mm Actual measurement range 2000mm

Process connection: DN150 PN10

Temperature: up to 110 degrees Celsius Pressure: negative pressure


On-site working conditions: Sodium carbonate decahydrate is converted into sodium carbonate monohydrate by the evaporator, and there is a pipe connection elbow with a diameter of 500mm above the evaporator body. There is a crystal attached to the cable, and the liquid is in a tumbling state in the evaporator, with relatively large fluctuations.


Part2: Measurement process of guided wave radar level meter

Since DCRD1000C1 has been installed, debugged and put into use for several months, the signal is good and the measurement is accurate.


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